Resort Village of Mistusinne

Building Permit Package

Please use the following forms to start the permit process.

Please return

  • Application for Development Permit and other Permits
  • Application for Building Permit - Please be advised that fees for Building Permits are set by the Building Inspector Municode. The fee is based on the value of your build and billed out at a rate of $3.55/$1000 Value of Construction with a $200.00 min.  The invoice will come from the Resort Village and is payable to the Resort Village. This occurs after your development permit has been approved and Municode has reviewed your building permit.
  • A site plan (as described on the Development Permit form) - Please send us a drawing showing your lot; including detailed measurments. We need to see all buildings with their sizes, and lot setbacks. Please find an information sheet here to assist you with your planning.  Mistusinne does not have a metal detector to assist with pin locates. You will have to make your own arrangements to locate pins. 
  • A building plan - We need to see drawings of your specific build inside and out. Floor plans idenitfying use of the space; cross-section of the building including vertical dimensions; list of materials to be used in the construction; interior and exterior finishes, insulation, wind and vapour barrier, etc; foundation plan; and any other applicable information. 
  • Worksheet for your specific project -  Fences, Fabric Covered Buildings, Decks, Attached Garage, Detached Garage, Secondary Building.
  • A $10.00 permit processing fee - We accept cash (business hours or the drop box), cheque, or ETransfer to no password required.
  • You MAY also need a demolition or move permit application - Please print this form if you must demolish an existing building before your build or if you are bringing in a pre-existing structure (larger than 10X10 in size)

Your application must be received by our office a minimum of 10 days prior to our next council meeting in order to allow adequate time for processing.  Failure to do so will result in your application being pushed to the following council meeting.

The next council meeting is April, 2023 at 9:30 a.m  The CUTOFF for permits application for this meeting is April 12, 2023 at 12:00 NOON. 

Please NOTE: Council meeting dates are subject to changed and are not confirmed until passed by motion at the preceding meeting. Here is our tenentive 2023 schedule and permit cut off dates:

  • May 19th meeting, cut off May 9th at noon - EARLIER is definetly better for this meeting
  • June 17th meeting, cut off June 7th at noon.
  • July 15th meeting, cut off July 5th at noon.
  • August 19th meeting, cut off August 9th at noon.
  • September onwards planning for 2024 builds

Please apply for permits as far in advance as possible from your projected build date as many delays can occur that may potentially slow your project.

 Complete permit packages for printing:

Attached Garage


Detached Garage

Fabric Covered Buildings